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up to

40 adult workshops every day

There is no need to book workshops in advance. You simply turn up and join the workshop. With up to 40 wellbeing, sport and creative workshops running in a day, the difficulty is knowing which of the amazing workshops to choose!

grant baldwin

Grant Baldwin

Stone Divination
Ask a question and receive guidance from the stones.

Nikki Middlemass

Pilates is great for strengthening and toning, with a focus your core… and for increasing your flexibility and calming body and mind.
Please bring a mat. 

sun & moon festival

Bridget Withycombe Wharton

Line Dancing
A fun, family-friendly choreographed dance workshop – we’ll dance along to a repeating sequence of steps.
All ages and abilities welcome.

Leticia and Quinto

Shamanic Healing Teachings
Transmitting the energy of sacred relationship. With heartfelt compassion it is their joy to support you with love and wisdom on your journey of transformation and growth.

Sara Dale

Homeopathy For First Aid And Minor Ailments
Learn how to use homeopathic remedies for yourself and your family in this interactive workshop.

Barry Mason

Gong Bath & Drum Workshops
Explore making meditative music together.

carol donaldson

Carol Donaldson

Daily Choir Session
Learn a range of beautiful songs from the four corners of the globe… in group harmony.

school of now

Jonny Whiting

The School Of Now
Theatre workshop designed to help you access being here right now, giving an organic performance without years of training. Help build confidence, charisma, and presence.

sun & moon festival

Adult Tennis Tournament
A great way to meet other members of the festival. Aim to play with fun and flow on the venue’s tennis courts, but no experience or flair for the sport is necessary.

sun & moon festival

Swimming Sessions

Bring your swimming gear! We’ll have swimming sessions available at this summer’s event in this fabulous indoor pool.

caroline young

Caroline Young

Leaving Your Mother, Embracing Your Crone
A chance to rediscover ourselves, to reconnect with our passions and dreams, and to embrace the wisdom and experience that comes with age.

sun & moon festival

Chris Hargreaves

Men’s Story Telling
Story telling, rage release, viking chants and drumming the masculine.

Daphne van Run

The Magical Connection – Authentic Relating & Circling
90 minutes of connecting as humans, as deeply as we can.

Gill Pinnington

Emotional Freedom Techniques
As an experienced practitioner Gill work’s intuitively – her passion is in helping people to move forward,
supporting and empowering them to lead an authentic and happy life.

alan ball

Alan Ball

Conscious Connected Breathwork
Think of this as allowing your body to reboot, sending it into autopilot rest mode
where it can rebalance and crucially, heal.

Johanna Berger

Painting Workshops
Explore various aspects of landscape painting with the aim of freeing you up, while connecting you to nature more deeply.⠀

maria barrington

Maria Barrington

Munay-Ki Foundation Rites
A shamanic teaching – the Rites (initiations) are energetic codes that are placed into your luminous field. Your light body receives them as seeds which, if they are nurtured, will germinate to make it easier for you to live with love, without violence, and in a state of balance with everything around you (ayni).

russel king

Russel King

L’Art Du Chi: Tai Chi
L’Art Du Chi is accessible to everyone, using the body to develop energetic awareness, encouraging deep breathing and flexibility in the body, increasing vitality, strength and suppleness and promoting an inner calm.

Karen Duke

Hatha Yoga
Using physical techniques with an aim to preserve and channel vital forces and energy.

mo levy

Maureen Levy

Improvisational Comedy
Consisting of short scenes – constructed from a predetermined game, structure, or idea – and driven by participant’s suggestions.

eugina oliberty

Eugina O’Liberty

Boundaries and Communication
9 out of 10 people struggle to say NO. Learn how to be humble and assertive… it’s time to reconnect with your power and learn how to communicate unapologetically.

sun and moon festival 2024

Althea Finch

Painfree Method
Learn how to start clearing your pain – identify the root cause to stop pain returning.

Katherine Darton

Labyrinths and Mazes;
Energy Medicine for Cosmonauts

1. Walking a labyrinth can be seen as a pilgrimage, and can be a form of meditative practice + 2. help with pain relief via the introduction of SCENAR therapy.

Lisa Reynolds

Forest Bathing + ReWilding: Journey Back To Our Primal Selves

Workshops to celebrate our innate connection to nature, inviting you to shed the amour and rediscover the vitality of your wild, primal essence, and allowing mother nature’s medicine to relax and recharge your mind body and soul..

sun & moon festival

Tess John

Shakti Yoga & Embodied Dance Workshop
A guided, conscious movement practice for women only using meditation, guided movement, yoga, conscious dance, and relaxation in the sacred container of a circle.

Liz Watts

Stretch, Strengthen, Relax; Yoga For All; Laughter Yoga
Differing types of yoga are not about being good at something. They’re about being good to yourself.

Gautami Woods

Experience The
Power Of Om

A group practice that uses the transformational power of om to activate the self-healing potential of participants. This technique also brings people together in service of others. Like a prayer, the positive vibrations of om can be offered to support the environment and those in need.

Katherine Cresswell

Wheel Of Life

Establish a better work-life balance, including a guided mediation, leaving you feeling rejuvenating and ready to face the world.

Katherine is a holistic coach specialising in reiki, angel card readings and poetry.

bowen technique

Robert Drury

Bowen Technique

Bowen is a very gentle but effective manipulation technique to help rebalance the body.
Bowen can help with a range of conditions from bad backs, whiplash, pelvic realignment, carpel tunnel syndrome, low energy levels and many, many more.

Adult Football Tournament

A great way to meet fellow festival members, as we’ll create 5-a-side teams. No experience or flair for football is necessary – all you need is a bit of enthusiasm!


Empowerment For Women

Gina will offer 3 workshops:

1. Awakening the Goddess Within: A Empowerment Workshop for Women

2. Ageless Allure: Embracing Your Sensuality Workshop for Mature Women

3. Liberate Your Mind, Live Your Truth: Breaking Free from Assumptions and Insecurities

Leyandra Van Sertima

Warrior Workshop

Awaken the third eye, shift dimensions and raise your energy aligning you with your authentic self. We will be using the power of sacred cacao along with a shamanic snuff to dive-deep into sounds and meditation as we unlock our powers from within.

Sara Dennis

Pilates For Neck And Back Issues

For those of you who suffer from neck and back issues. Depending on the numbers Sara will look individually at your posture and suggest ways to improve your problems. Then Sara will work on exercises to help release neck and back issues.

Lisa Reynolds 

Mandala Making

Join us on a journey of artistic expression and self-discovery through the meditative art of mandala making, where participants discover the joy of creating intricate mandalas using a variety of natural materials. Allow nature to offer a reflective space for self-inquiry and mindfulness as you craft your own unique mandala inspired by the beauty that surrounds you.

sun & moon festival

Patricia Howlett

Steps To Freedom

Navigating life with a ‘mental health’ diagnosis, or if you support a family member or friend. In this workshop, we intend to dispel myths, analyse narratives, and use my Fifteen Steps piece written as a voluntary patient at a mental health facility to walk us through the minefield that is Mental Health.

sun & moon festival

Denise Mortimer

Fix Your Frequency

Practical processes to fix a funky frequency. Even the most fabulous ones amongst us gets out of whack with their frequency.  It can make us do things that take us even further from our goals in an effort to move closer to them.
Come and experience fixing your frequency and take away tools to be Master Frequency Fixer. 

Linzi Martin

Design A Sacred Space Altar

Have fun designing a sacred space, an ‘altar’ for yourself to create within your home – we’ll celebrate and encourage aspects of yourself and your life, integrating treasured items, inspirational words and colours that motivate you towards your aspirations. Akin to senses-based interior design. Please bring with you a few items that relate to your aspirations.
sun & moon festival

Emily Jiggins

Taking Charge Of You

A masterclass designed to help brilliant women align their goals and lifestyle to their body’s needs and rhythms to bring about purpose, clarity and balance
Whether you’re looking to bring more balance to your life or, want to explore a better way to work towards your big, ambitious goals, this is a session for you.

Daily Walks To The River

Explore the local countryside with a peaceful stroll through wooded areas and along the banks of the river. This place is a haven for bird and wildlife lovers.
sun & moon festival

Silvia Lopez

Vital Expression: The Art Of Celebrating Joy

By using creative and expressive play, along with body movement, you will unleash the joy of being… and foster closer connections.

And many more…

Many more workshops are in the planning stages.
Do check back soon as we updated our site regularly.