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Active Fascial Releasing & Muscle Stretching For "Sporty Types" - Sara Dennis

This class will not only stretch your muscles but it will also hydrate & nourish your fascia.

Learn to use the small props you may already have like, tennis balls, massage balls or rollers. For the most amazing sense of release and learning.

For this class you will need to be able to kneel and be willing to push yourself into slight discomfort, if necessary!
You will finish feeling released and more comfortable in your skin. This class will benefit all regular exercisers especially runners & cyclists.
Please bring a mat, cushioning for your knees and any small balls, rollers you may have. Don’t worry if you don’t have any.

About Sara

Sara comes from a fitness background, until the birth of her 2nd child and a serious back injury.
This made her start to look at new ways to work her body, to find better health. She realised her body did not in fact want to be forced to do more and more.
Her body was much more intelligent than that and had said no! She spent a while looking at Pilates when she was introduced to the PILATES FOUNDATION,
she has never looked back.
Her training to firstly teach mat Pilates and then teach on the machines Joseph Pilates designed look her nearly 6 years of amazing learning, which she continues to this day.  



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