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Yoga for the Vagina - Tamra Mercieca

Yoga for the Vagina is a restorative and deeply healing yoga practice that nourishes the sexual organs, helps release sexual trauma and awakens the body to pleasure.

Designed specifically for the female body, this lush practice uses a Jade Egg to help anchor you in the present moment so you can become intimately connected to your body and thus, cultivate a
deeper sense of self-love.

Yoga for the Vagina educates women on how to care for their body both on and off the mat, so they 
can restore the pelvis to its natural state of health.

Because this practice helps balance and tone the 
entire contents of the pelvic bowl - including the pelvic floor - it’s highly effective in helping to heal
and prevent sexual health conditions such as PMS, incontinence, sexual organ prolapse, fertility problems, physical and emotional trauma following birth and the side-effects of menopause.

About Tamra

Tamra Mercieca is a self-love therapist, yoga teacher and writer at her online school Getting 
Naked, where she teaches people how to strip off the layers of childhood conditioning, so they can
fall in love with themselves. It was after healing herself of pre-cancerous cells in her cervix, that Tamra was inspired to create Yoga for the Vagina: A lush practice to balance the pelvic floor, heal
the sexual organs and nourish a woman’s whole being.

Tamra began offering her practices to clients in 2003, and since then has gained qualifications in over a dozen healing modalities, has published two books and featured on prime-time TV, radio and
in numerous mainstream magazines and newspapers worldwide.

She has shared Yoga for the Vagina 
at festivals across her home country of Australia, and moved to France in 2019 to share the yoga love in Europe and the UK.

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