Satyananda Yoga - Mariette Labelle

This Satyananda Yoga workshop has a traditional approach, which focuses on awareness throughout the entire class.
Each class includes asanas, pranayama, mantras and yoga nidra or meditation.

The focus for the Sun and Moon festival week will be an introduction to Kaya Sthairyram, a simple meditation technique, the preliminary practice of concentration
on the steadiness of the body. A useful tool to help us take a moment to slow down and find the calm in our busy lives.

About Mariette
Mariette is a Satyananda Yoga teacher with 30 years of yoga practice (11 years of teaching) which included learning from a variety of styles of yoga.
She first approached yoga as a contemporary dancer. It immediately felt like it brought all aspects of life together and it has continued to evolve and bring balance.
Mariette teaches yoga to adults of all ages plus teenagers, and specialises in teaching yoga to teens and young adults with special educational needs.