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Spiritual Yoga - Lulu Johns

A beautiful blend of kundalini, hatha, vinyasa and healing spiritual yoga to ensure your body has been bathed in soothing energy, nourishment and deep healing vibrations..... This aligns and works deep to all chakras.

All you need to do is attend, close eyes, breathe and listen to your wonderful vessel that you live in - 'your body'.

About Lulu

I am a spiritual creature teaching healing yoga and beautiful massage of all varieties.

I’ve spent most of my young adult life through to today travelling, to gain beautiful knowledge on how the globe teach, live and love life.

I have a wonderful 20 year old daughter and a 14 year old spaniel whom keep me on my toes and love me to the universe and back.

I was married to the army for many years and helped with rehab - mentally and physically with yoga - to repair after tours and tough training schedules.