Gentle Yoga Practice - Sharon Pearson

Gentle yoga allows the body to begin easing any tightness you are holding.  Breath centred movements calm and focus the mind.  

This is the practice of breathing techniques (Pranayam), while adding sound (humming) exercises; promoting physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
The combination offers the opportunity to arrive into the present moment, entering into a state of inner awareness, mindful presence and stillness.

We will end with the practice of yoga nidra and meditation.

These exercises can be performed equally on a yoga mat or on a chair. 
You may like to bring a cushion or blanket.

About Sharon

As a counsellor, alternative practitioner and yoga teacher I offer a space of holding in which to come into centred awareness, going within. 
Healing and balance, begin when we find our inner silence, peace, ourselves. I use reflective approach. 

I hold yoga classes as well as working with clients - with an integrative approach - on a short or long term basis.