Inversion Workshop - A J Hartley


Yoga, whatever it means to you, is a transformational practice with profound benefits on the body and mind. However, one amazing aspect of the physical
practice that isn’t always given its due time and attention are inversions - in particular, headstands. Being upside down for just a few minutes a day is said to
improve your concentration, stimulate the circulatory, endocrine, immune systems, and help to calm the mind and reduce anxiety and stress.


And, once you know how to do them correctly, they’re the gift that keeps on giving as there is always a new variation to strive for!

This workshop creates a safe and comfortable environment for you to begin, or deepen, your headstand practice.
It takes the time to educate you on the correct alignment and body positioning within a headstand, which are vital to consistently holding any headstand,
and will equip you with everything you need to know - from building up strength and flexibility to progressing into harder variations.

This motivating and educational 3-hour workshop with AJ Hartley will inspire you to push yourself in a positive way. The workshop will focus on building up to
a variety of different headstands, regardless of your experience with them at present, and leave you feeling motivated, strong and confident after learning new
things about the pose and about yourself along the way.

Is there an age limit?

No. The workshop is suitable for all ages and abilities. Under 17s need to be accompanied by an adult, but otherwise, the workshop welcomes yoga
practitioners of all ages.

It must be highlighted, though, that this workshop will educate and prepare you with all the necessary tools to train and build up towards headstand. It is in no
way guaranteed that you will leave being able to hold one instantly, but you will be equipped with everything you know to work towards that goal as things like
lifestyle, body type, strength and flexibility etc. are all important variables.

+ Mindfulness (5 minutes)
+ Warm up + introduction (30 mins)
+ Alignment/ body positioning (30 mins)
+ Build up your strength in key areas (20 mins)
+ Break (10-15 minutes)
+ Headstand practice (1hour 15):
o Prepatory poses
o Real ways to build up to a headstand
o Pair and Group Work
o Advice/How to train on your own
o Practice Time
o Headstand Variations

+ Handstand will be touched upon if the ability and demand is there for it
+ Savasana (10-15)

What’s provided:
+ Yoga mats
+ Blankets
+ Cushions

What to bring:
+ Water
+ A jumper

Who this workshop is for:
The workshop is designed to accommodate for absolute beginners who have never even considered trying a headstand before, to experienced practitioners
who are looking to challenge themselves a bit further.

It is not suitable for anyone who:
 Is pregnant
 Has neck/spinal issues
 With high/low blood pressure should consult their doctor beforehand.
 Has eye problems (e.g. Glaucoma) should consult with their doctor
 Is menstruating (generally advised as it can pause your cycle; welcome to come at your own choice)

About AJ:

AJ is an internationally qualified Yoga Teacher (RYT200) with a passion for yoga, and particularly inversions. She is an experienced yogi who has trained
inversions, and particularly headstands for many years. She has experience leading large groups and workshops and is keen to help people overcome their
fear of going upside down. Her unique energy and aura fill you with a sense of self-confidence and remind you of how much you are capable of achieving.
Feeling so passionately about the benefits of inversions, AJ creates a safe and comfortable space for all yogis of all backgrounds and experience to take the
time to focus on expanding their knowledge and confidence when it comes to standing on their head.