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Hatha Yoga - Vicky May

ach early morning Hatha Yoga practice will be held outdoors, to wake and soothe the body and prepare in the most gentle way to start the day positively. We'll make time to experience the natural world as much a part of the practice as our yoga postures and meditation. This can range from seeing the birds, hearing their morning chorus, experiencing summer by walking barefoot, or simply taking the time to truly look at a wild flower. Our yoga postures and meditation open us up to being more receptive to the wonder of nature. We begin to feel a sense of connection to the wider play of life going on around us at all times. There are so many benefits in this for all of us - it allows the mind to quieten. By being immersed in nature we can let go of our day to day troubles, which if only for a short time, can do us so much good. Our breathing will relax and deepen - and we'll be getting some fresh air. Most importantly it can stir the soul. It can ignite, or reignite, a sense of wonder and awe for life, and our place in it. The hatha yoga classes are gentle , suitable for all levels of practice and perfect for beginners.

About Vicky

I teach Hatha yoga in East Sussex: Beginners, Yoga for All , Chair Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga. Yoga changed my life positively and significantly and I am still learning everyday, a yogic life is life long learning. As you work towards the goal of yoga or liberation, you become more capable, more confident and more efficient in whatever you're doing in your external life. You become aware of yourself on many levels. Yoga has brought me peace and happiness and I enjoy sharing yoga. I am looking forward to sharing my classes again at the fifth Sun and Moon Festival.

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Our Mission

Sun and Moon Health Education CIC is a not-for-profits organisation, promoting holistic wellbeing, health, and positive values and behaviour. We do not sell alcohol at the festival or gatherings, as we believe that we don't need any artificial stimulants to have a great time. We offer vegan and vegetarian food at all of our events, to promote consideration for the planet and our own health. Our aim is to bring people together in an atmosphere of love and respect, acceptance and friendship. 

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