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Pilates For All - Nikki Middlemass

Pilates improves all of the above conditions and can turn your life around, as it has for me. Exercises are low impact, mainly mat based and suitable for people of all age groups and levels of fitness. Participants work to the different levels of the exercises according to their own ability and learn how to relax with the mind-body connection of pilates. Posture is improved and all the muscle groups of the body are strengthened and toned, in particular the core muscles (i.e ) pelvic floor, deep layers of tummy muscles and muscles which wrap into the spine. These support the body and promote a sense of well-being once they are strong.

Classes are completed with a relaxation session.

Wear comfortable clothes, bring water to drink & a mat if you have one.

About Nikki

I am an experienced, fully qualified pilates teacher ( CYQ level 3 in Anatomy & Physiology). I run my own classes in Harrow and Stanmore, NW London, hold regular classes in gyms and teach one-to-one sessions in clients' homes. I am committed to ensuring that participants benefit from the holistic approach which the technique embodies, particularly focusing on the relaxation effect of the exercise.

I have helped clients with many issues such as muscle weakness, all types of backache, problems after childbirth and surgery, IBS, anxiety, headaches, injuries, mobility problems, MS., poor posture, scoliosis, chronic pain, muscle imbalances, arthritis, balance and co-ordination problems and more. I am passionate about helping people with their various needs and inspiring them to keep a happy, healthy mind and body which is exactly what regular pilates achieves.

I am so looking forward to teaching at the festival and my children are excited to be joining me too. Thank you for having me!

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Our Mission

Sun and Moon Health Education CIC is a not-for-profits organisation, promoting holistic wellbeing, health, and positive values and behaviour. We do not sell alcohol at the festival or gatherings, as we believe that we don't need any artificial stimulants to have a great time. We offer vegan and vegetarian food at all of our events, to promote consideration for the planet and our own health. Our aim is to bring people together in an atmosphere of love and respect, acceptance and friendship. 

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