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Goddess Circle of Love & Empowerment - Gill Pinnington

Always oversubscribed, another beautiful Goddess Circle exploring the archetype of Aphrodite: the alchemical goddess of love, connection, growth and creativity.

If you came last year, come again, it’ll be different!

In this deeply connective and experiential workshop you will:
- Discover the real Aphrodite; more than just a siren luring men to the rocks!
- Unleash the Aphrodite already deep within you, harnessing her passion and lust for life
- Embody the gifts of Aphrodite that will empower you to meet your own needs, cultivate deep soul connections, and spark new spiritual growth, vision, creativity and Self Love
- Experience a beautiful heart activation to install your Goddess gifts

You will also:

- Feel seen, heard, loved, and accepted by other beautiful souls committed to loving and accepting who they are, without condition
- Connect with who you truly are, in all your Divine glory
- Reconnect with your divine feminine self to initiate the reawakening and remembering of your innate goddess powers that reside deep within every cell
- Be welcomed home to your divine soul-full life of deep love, connection, strength and purpose

About this workshop:
Please arrive on time. The room will be open from 10 minutes before.
We will be in silence for the first 5 minutes so please be mindful of this upon arrival.
Bring a blanket, cushion and yoga mat (if you have one) – we will be sitting on the floor
If the weather is good we will be outside !!
Bring water, its warm!
It is a deeply experiential workshop and includes movement, voice, sharing, meditation, and close connection with others in circle.
Open to all aged 16+
Open to all who identify as female
Duration is the full 90+ minutes. Where possible, please try to arrange childcare so you can enjoy the start and ending of the workshop.

To book a 1-1 session with Gill during the festival:
Speak to Gill after workshop or any time during the festival. Alternatively, text, WhatsApp or phone +44 753 006 4573. Availability is limited.

Who is this goddess of love and sparkles?
Self Love Coach, Quantum Trauma Therapist, Spiritual Intuitive, Workshop Facilitator, EFT Master Trainer, and lover of sparkly things.
Gill facilitates deep and lasting transformation in awakened, spiritual souls who want to:

 Release trauma, patterns and beliefs that keep them playing small
 Transform stress, anxiety and overwhelm into Self Love, emotional freedom and joy
 Heal Past Life, Ancestral and Karmic blocks and patterns
 Create significant change in their life, career or business
 Reclaim their focus, passion, balance and zest for life
 Live from a place of Self Love, accepting who they are inside and out
 Unlock and access their Soul gifts and Divine wisdom
 Increase their frequency and attract the experiences they desire energetically
 Shine their light of love within them and all around them
 Connect with Source and raise universal consciousness

Gill harnesses her soul gifts of Divine Wisdom, Claircognisance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience with a unique blend of intuitive Therapeutic Coaching, advanced embodied
Energy Psychology techniques and channelled guidance to bring about quantum level healing.

Gill works ‘live’ online with clients from UK to Australia, for 1-1 coaching, masterclasses, professional trainings and group coaching programmes.
To continue your healing with Gill after the festival: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit or call +44 753 006 4573