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Active Empathic Listening - Scott Doane

We all think that we know how to listen, but the truth is that all too often we are distracted by our own thoughts - the need to respond, the desire to advise, the urge to share our own stories.
So how can we silence our own voices?
How can we be more present as a listener?
And how can we truly empathise with the person we are listening to?
This workshop stems from the work of Carl Rogers in person centred counselling.
Rogers argues that each of us has a unique experience of reality, which no other person can ever truly perceive.
Empathy is the route to approaching that understanding, and listening is the tool which enables us to empathise.
Finally the "active" element comes from letting the person know that they are truly being heard - and this supports them in going deeper, being more open and honest,
and even getting to know their own reality more clearly themselves.
We will practise these skills in the workshops together, in a supportive and safe environment.

About Scott Doane
 Scott trained in Person Centred Counselling at the East Sussex College, finishing his studies in 2022.
He is now seeing private clients for counselling, following broadly the approach of Carl Rogers, but including elements from other schools of therapy, such as focussing and existentialism.

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