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Raise Your Vibration: Manifest A Life You Love - Cathy Ballard

Raising your vibration is probably one of the most important things you can do, energetically and spiritually speaking.

By consciously taking charge of your energy and generating higher frequency thoughts and feelings, as well as feeling more joy, inner peace and love,
you will naturally begin to fall into alignment with the path to your greatest life; one that will set your heart and soul on fire, dissolve stuck-ness and help you become
magnetically attractive to all the good that the universe has lined up for you. 

If you’re feeling stuck and frustrated, you’re ready for change, or you just want to live your best life possible, this workshop will help you see new possibilities
and introduce you to energy tools and practices to easily apply in your own life that will help you raise your vibration and manifest a life you love.

About Cathy

Cathy Ballard is a transformational energy coach and mentor, healer, adventurer and guide on the spiritual journey.

She helps conscious women to develop and trust their spiritual and energetic super-powers, transform their mindsets so that they can
free themselves from inner obstacles, and align with the flow that will naturally lead them to a life they love.

Cathy has been facilitating groups, running retreats, leading women’s transformation circles and working with individuals around the world for over twenty years.
She is passionate about helping people expand their sense of what’s possible and see beyond limitations so that they can live with more abundance, love, connection,
freedom, joy and fulfilment than they ever believed possible.


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