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Female Breathing - Georgie Lawlor

A connective flow to dive deep into the feminine - sharing nurturing practices for self-regulation designed specifically for females.
This is a great workshop to attend for anyone who suffers from anxiety, PMS, PMDD, asthma, panic disorder, breathlessness 
through pregnancy, sleep issues, long-covid, fatigue, physical tension or depression. 

Says Georgie:
We take around 24,000 breaths per day, the way we breathe effects every single element of our live, from the quality of our relationships to our brain power,
even to our digestion. Every thought and emotion you feel is communicated to the brain stem via, you guessed it, the breath.
The majority of our biological functions, around 95% in fact, work autonomically – beyond our conscious control.
The good news is, the breath is the doorway into our subconscious minds, the path to dual control and by far the most important biological function we have.
If we can learn to control our breathing, we gain a superhuman capability to influence our own biology.

About Georgie

My name’s Georgie. I’m a breath work practitioner, women’s fitness coach, storyteller and motivational speaker.
I LOVE anything to do with the the art and science of Breath work, Biohacking, women’s fitness, and anything related to optimising human potential.

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