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Conscious Connected Breathwork - Alan Ball

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a simple yet powerful diaphragmatic breathing technique that stimulates the bodys self-healing powers,
a connected breath style that keeps moving ie it has no pauses. It’s a self-healing modality - we switch focus from the mind so the body gets the
chance to take over, to heal as we let go. Think of this as allowing your body to reboot, sending it into autopilot rest mode where it can rebalance and crucially, heal.

The technique will help us breath more efficiently, opening up more lung capacity by breathing deeper into the diaphragm and the more we use it (practise) the more it opens up.

It works on three levels

Physically - it improves respiratory system and lug capacity, lowers heart rate and blood pressure and improves our immune system giving us better health

Mentally – Brings better clarity to our minds by removing unwanted negative energy or emotion/baggage helping relieve stress and anxiety

Spiritually – helps with self-knowledge and exploration where we can find our true selves but this can be different for everyone

As your coach I’ll create and hold a safe space for you to fully connect and let go. You will be shown the 5 simple techniques of Conscious Connected Breathing
with a brief demonstration and then via a guided grounding you will be led into the practise. My role is then simply to keep your focus on the inhale, deep into the
abdomen and if the mind wanders to gently bring to the breath. I will also be making sure you’re following the 5 simple techniques to help keep your breath moving
and supporting you so you feel able to fully let go. I’ll often incorporate acupressure on the meridian points within the body to help release any negative energy
or emotion with simple pressure and affirmations.

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