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Cyclical Wisdom - Ayla Willow

In this workshop, Ayla Willow will share a map of cyclical wisdom with you.
This is knowledge that we already know, that already exists within and without us in the cyclical nature of life.
Together we will explore simple ancient feminine wisdom and explore your cyclical nature; learn a map for understanding the characteristics of the
inner seasons of your menstrual cycle; understand how the lunar cycle, the archetypal life stages (Maiden, Mother, Maga, Crone) and Earth Seasons
all map onto each other and how this insight empowers you to connect with your cyclical nature. 
There is really only one cycle; birth, growth, full bloom, harvest, decay, death, rebirth, over and over again.
We see these reflected everywhere in nature, the moon, the seasons, our menstrual cycle and the Earth's cycles.
Together we will sit and re ~ member this - deep in our bones and our bellies.
About Ayla
Ayla Willow is a Mother, Dancer, Singer/Musician, Guide & Mentor on the spiritual journey ~ which she sees as the life journey.
Her passion and purpose is facilitating a remembrance of our innate wildness through dance & reconnection to Self, Spirit and Nature.
Ayla Willow apprenticed with Jane Hardwicke Collings in Shamanic Womancraft in 2017 and later with Tatanka White Ohitika in 2019 to hold
women's circles as part of the Brave White Buffalo Foundation.
In recent years her work has focused more on group work and circular forms of leadership and community.
She organises events for Middle Earth Medicine Ways and is also an apprentice/facilitator & dreamweaver for this body of work. 
Ayla Willow holds circles, workshops & retreats and offers 1:1 work to support people to reconnect with themselves & their soul's journey
through self reflection & knowledge, dance/movement, ritual and ceremony and embodied cyclical wisdom.

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