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Tapping into Safety - EFT to heal Toxic Relationships - Kate Munden

Narcissistic and toxic relationships take a huge toll on those affected.
Often, we are like the lobster in the pot going to sleep and don't realise what has happened until we 
are boiling and in agony but unable to help ourselves.
Recovery can be a long road and we need tools to help us grow and find strength again.


EFT tapping sits under the umbrella of the emerging, cutting edge field of energy psychology. It combines working with the body's energy system, whilst at the same time paying mindful attention to the emotion or symptom of the problem you want to change.

EFT uses tapping on a sequence of 9 points of the traditional Chinese meridian system whilst saying words that help us to keep focused on the issue we want to transform. 
If you Google EFT you will find more than 300 million entries, the amazing popularity of this technique lies partly in its simplicity and partly in its deep complexity.

Anyone can learn the tapping sequence, yet it can be used to treat the complex and troubling issues that hold us back in life.

In this workshop you will learn the basics of the EFT sequence and how to use it daily for deep and sustained self care, with a focus for those particularly affected by the difficulties of toxic relationships.