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A Beginners Guide to the Enneagram - Natasha Young

The Enneagram is a system of 9 personality types which individuals orientate towards, depending on the mixture of nature/nurture factors we are born into
and develop through in childhood.

Many of us will have wondered about our personality types before, often using phrases such as introvert/extrovert or using systems such as the Myers Briggs personality types.
In comparison, the Enneagram links the personality types and suggests that in times of stress or growth, we may express different aspects within our own type or even move
towards other types. It suggests that within each personality tendency, there are healthy, average and unhealthy attitudes and behaviours. 
As such, it can provide a useful and insightful tool to develop self knowledge and compassion. 
This workshop will help you understand the personality types and begin to identify where in the structure your tendencies lie.
This can help you to understand your emotional responses to situations; behaviours that are growth-ful and those that are limiting; and throw light on patterns in your relationships.

Natasha will be running 3 Enneagram workshops during the festival:
The Enneagram for Beginners - Part 1
The Enneagram for Beginners - Exploring Wings and Instincts 
The Enneagram for Teenagers

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