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Homeopathy For First Aid And Minor Ailments - Sara Dale

Arnica for bruises, Belladonna for fevers, Chamomilla for teething…  
Learn how to use these and other homeopathic remedies for yourself and your family in this interactive workshop.  

We will learn about some of the most commonly used remedies and how to use them.  Then we will have some fun role-playing first aid and
minor ailment scenarios, learning which questions to ask in order to work out which remedy is required. 

You will go away with a handout to get you started with using remedies at home. 
Homeopathy is a gentle and holistic system of healing that stimulates the body to heal itself.
Mental, emotional and physical symptoms are interlinked so homeopaths look for the connections and the cause of symptoms.  
Chronic conditions must be treated by a professional homeopath.
About Sara
I am a registered homeopath and homeobotanicals practitioner based in Oxfordshire. 
I have always been interested in natural healing methods and the connections between our physical, emotional and mental health. 
I used homeopathy for many years to treat minor ailments before consulting a professional homeopath when I developed a thyroid condition after having my daughter. 
She helped us both so much over the years that I was inspired to enrol on a four year course and become a homeopath myself. 
Homeopathy has become a way of life for me and I am constantly learning and evolving.  I am passionate about spreading the word so that more people get to experience the benefits of this wonderful system of medicine.


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