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Despacho Shamanic Healing - Angel Joughin-Coppin

​​Despacho technique has been used by Shamans of the Andes for over 5000 years, therefore has passed the test of time. This powerful form of ​​Shamanic healing is basically prayer offerings. Dispatcho’s help you manifest what you want brought into your life or dispersed from your life. Angel uses two-forms: one being an Abundance Dispatcho, to bring things into your life. The Black Despacho, clears things from your life.

How it works:

The powerful ingredient in this is your intension. As you say your prays and wishes, say it from the heart. Wishes must be positive intensions. Exactly what that entails, the universe will revival to you in many ways, as it knows what is best for you. At the Sun and Moon, we are going to create a despacho, to support Mother Earth. She is being raped and pillaged, and has had little respect from many people. We will bring our heart to the dispatcho along with our words. We will bring natural gifts to this despacho, that we can burn to represent what Mother Earth means to us; how we care and support her. In this Despacho, it will be a mixture of Abundance and a Black depending of YOUR intensions you give to her, to show your love and support.

​About Angel:

I work in an ethical intuitive way to bring you the relaxing benefit received from Natural Healing, which is known to reduce stress, improving you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Many people are in pain and/or suffering and are searching for a better quality of life, and wellness, which can be achieved this way.

Clients can come to me for a specific treatment, or with an open mind, for me to assist/help with their problem. In the later situation, I will work on them using whatever modality I am intuitively guided to use, Shamanic or General healing. I never know what healing will occur until a client presents themselves and their problems; but I do know that I have many very successful results.

I now realise that I have always walked the shamanic path. From a very young age, in London’s, East-End, I was often found on the bomb-site playing with 'my stones', playing on Mother Earth and contemplating. Often a native American man and a wolf came to me; they are still with me. When plants, trees got/get hurt, I feel that pain, I hear them. I thought it was natural. I found out, through others teasing, that most people do not feel/hear them nor people in spirit. No-one could understand me, not even me. I learnt to keep my feelings inside, which made me isolated internally.

Not being able to read or write well, when I was 37, I learnt from 3 friends. I then went to college, I was like a sponge, wanting the education I was denied. In 1994 I was accepted at Imperial college London, to do a degree in Zoology, I got my honours degree in Zoology and also became an Associate of the Royal College of Science.

I slowly met other people who felt the same as me. I could talk freely with them and started to learn different healing procedures/modalities. Teachers were noting that I could do things naturally too. I came across Shamanic Healing, and I knew this was my true forte, ‘I had come home’. My power animals and guides grew, and assist me each and every time I treat a client, along with Archangels Angels.

It humbles me that words and deeds come through me by higher beings, I never know what will happen when I heal, but it is successful.

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