Family Constellations - Iban Miguel Antolin

A workshop of Family Constellations is a workshop of discovery and liberation, which allows us to understand and release the patterns of life that make us suffer; 
discover and liberate what 
limits our realisation.

Working on our Family Constellations allows us to progressively find the source of our disturbances through sensations, emotions and attitudes.
The secrets, the hidden links, the 
laws and their transgressions that govern our family dynamics appear suddenly, allowing us to 'clean' them in a symbolic way with words or gestures.

The Family Constellations also put us in touch with the information of our soul and the 
movements that it needs to go towards health and love. Being at peace with our roots and that
love arises, is the fundamental step for health and inner Peace.

This is a group workshop; there will be a chance for all attendees to be fully involved.