Alchemy Woman Coaching - JoRae

Jo will offer 3 workshops during the festival week.

Positive Periods ~ When a Woman Practices her Power
Practical, creative & holistic tools for women to explore and befriend this integral aspect of their womanhood, whatever your experience of this life cycle.
From wholesome sanitary products to foods and herbs, oils and the physical, psychological and spiritual journey... through to what ultimately defines what it is to be woman.
Sensitively led by an experienced facilitator and as viewed through the lens of the four seasons.

Menopause ~ When a Woman Becomes her Power

Practical, creative and holistic tools for women to explore and befriend this empowering gateway through to the second half of our journey in womanhood. Sensitively
exploring symptoms through to natural holistic approach using foods and herbs, oils and the physical, psychological & spiritual journey through what ultimately defines what it
is to be woman; through the lens of Autumn.

Exploring Empowerment 
Acknowledge and confront your inner critic - it’s actually your life saving voice, but it got confused in 21 century living. Practical, creative & holistic tools for to explore your
relationship with self-confidence. A safe space to share and tools to promote empowerment and self-esteem. "Holistic Alchemy is the art of transforming parts of your innate personality
resulting in some form of liberating revelation or enlightenment and thus achieving individual perfection".

About JoRae
I am JoRae, a Life & Soul Coach ~ I specialise in working with Women’s Hormonal health & wellbeing using shamanic drumming visualisations, chanting & dancing –
all mixed up in my own style of delivery. I also run mental health sessions for all adults and parents.

I am a hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Practitioner, Akashic Alchemy Practitioner, Neuro linguistic & Cognitive Behavioural Coach & BodyTalk therapeutic technician.  
I work holistically & my menstruation & menopause sessions are sensitive, fun & informative.

My background is in professional theatre, festival organising, NHS mental health for over a decade, event manager living at Gaunts House wellbeing / spiritual centre Community in Dorset,
where I also now run retreats. I also moonlight in stand-up comedy!

During the week 1-1 sessions will be available for Akashic Coaching Readings, Hypnotherapy & bespoke sessions. 

Some feedback - 

"Really beneficial – explained so much to me. Having experienced a taste of Jo Rae’s individual style on a retreat, I was keen to book onto one of her 1 day
workshops. It was a highly informative day where I learnt a great deal about the menopause and the different experiences of other women. Jo delivers her
information in a user friendly way that everyone can relate to. She is honest, empathetic, lively and fun – nothing shocks her! She made everything
understandable and acceptable and left you feeling positive and empowered about this stage in a woman’s life. I would highly recommend her workshops and women’s circles".

"Your energy is amazing, I would love to learn more from you".

"You have provided me with a new perspective".

"You are vibrant, warm, approachable & real, more please!"

"I've found the sessions really useful and very interesting. I feel that you've given me so many valuable tools already. You have inspired and enthused me and I feel uplifted already.
And when I don't, I just use one of your techniques and it genuinely helps".