Self Love Circle (Love Without Condition) - Gill Pinnington

In this powerful, life-changing workshop, we harness the divine power and healing connection of being held within Circle, coming together,
holding space for ourselves and each other so that we may experience a remembering of how it is to love ourselves without condition;
returning to the pure light of self-love, becoming free of the conditions we and others placed upon us in order to love and be loved.

• Re-connect with your divine perfection in all its forms

• Experience the loving embrace and pure acceptance of the Circle

• Release beliefs that hold you back from loving self and being loved

• Receive and offer love without condition

About this workshop:

o Please arrive on time.

o We will be in silence for the first 5 minutes so please be mindful of this upon arrival.

o Bring a blanket and yoga mat if you have one (for the meditation).

o It is an experiential workshop and includes eft/tapping, meditation, movement, voice, and close connection with others in circle.

o Open to everyone, women and men

o Duration is 90-120 minutes, depending upon numbers. Try to arrange childcare so you can enjoy the ending of the workshop

o Most suited to over 16s


About Gill

After a lifetime of being overweight, unhappy and often depressed, my life was transformed through using Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as EFT or tapping)
and Matrix Reimprinting to clear the limiting beliefs, stress and trauma that held me in negative patterns since childhood.

Now, as an experienced practitioner of these and other techniques, I work intuitively which allows me to tune in completely to where you and help you quickly release whatever
no longer serves your highest purpose.

My passion is helping women to create a life of joy, emotional freedom and personal power.