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Hypnosis Lounge & Cacao Cafe - John & Heloise

The Hypnosis Lounge is a space for shedding the limiting beliefs, masks and layers that keep us from living our authentic connected lives.

A tranquil and peaceful environment where you can sit back, slip on a pair of headphones and come on a journey of positive healing and transformation.

Come on in and we’ll help you to choose a session that’s right for you, for the time you have available, and for what you want to achieve/release/improve on yourself today.

Boost your health, happiness and general well-being. Maximise your present experience, open your heart to opportunities and tune in to the potential that surrounds you. Let the stresses of everyday life melt away. Release the past, let go of anxiety, worry and doubt. Renew, Recharge and Rejuvenate.

Create a life you LOVE with these Advanced Goal Getting and Creativity Boosting sessions.

Choose a Session from our Extensive Menu:

Hypnosis: Full length dynamic hypnosis recordings with brainwave entrainment technology. This is the short-cut to a better you. Sessions range from 25-40 minutes.

Meditations: Guided Tranquil Hypnotic Meditations and NLP Visualisations.

PowerNaps: Short 11 Minute Mental Recharges and Powerful Rejuvenators.

Covering a Huge Range of Areas from:

  • Releasing and letting go of stress, procrastination and worry.
  • Creating a positive self-image, boosting your confidence, motivation.
  • Gratitude, keeping your eyes open for opportunity in the now.
  • Focusing your mind, creativity, banishing poverty mindsets, goal settin

Take a look at our menu and come experience the Hypnosis Lounge for FREE.

Chocolate, teas, treats and more will be served in the lounge in the evenings (when the Hypnosis Lounge is closed).