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Let’s Talk About Climate Change - Lynda Gilbert, Mark Baigent and Megan Fitter

This workshop will give you plenty of food for thought regarding how to respond to our climate crisis.

Beginning with some dramatic “voices” based on a script by Andrew Boyd entitled “12 Characters in Search of an Apocalypse”, we will move into small and wider group discussions to enable us to express our feelings and concerns, and to start thinking about our practical responses in a “Where do we go from here?” plenary.

Whether you’re feeling despairing, grief-stricken, overwhelmed or actually quite hopeful for the future, this workshop will give you the space to talk about how you feel with others and maybe even an opportunity to share ideas about how to go forward with the dilemmas now affecting our daily lives around climate change... including what food to eat, where to go on holiday, what car to buy and even maybe what kind of communities to build.