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Stillpoint - Ros Paxman

Stillpoint is the calm, neutral state or 'space between the breath' sought after by meditators and gurus the world over.
This interactive workshop will show a simple route to accessing Stillpoint for meditators and non-meditators alike.

When you are in Stillpoint, challenges dissolve, stresses are cleared, pain is reduced, illnesses begin to heal, and you become
connected to subtle energies and essences, unwinding cell memory and clearing 'entrained' patterns that do not serve you.
What's unique about this simple step-by-step process is that Ros has developed this methodology through recognising that Stillpoint is itself a 'morphic field'.
This means it's a vast field of information that exists around us all the time and therefore we can learn how to simply tune into it, like tuning a radio dial into a broadcast.
It can be learned at any age, and applied immediately to all aspects of your life.

Come and discover how to bring the benefits of this profound meditative state into your everyday experiences, helping you deal with people who sap your energy ("energy vampires");
helping you make decisions (even tricky ones!) that will always serve your higher purpose; helping you differentiate more clearly between your own thoughts and feelings
and those you've picked up from others around you, both consciously and subconsciously (your "mores" or "perceptual bias").

Experience all the benefits of the meditative state every day - without first having to practice meditating for 30 years!
About Ros 
Ros is a Quantum Field & Consciousness Technology Practitioner - the new and burgeoning field that brings together spirituality and science. She is a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, trained by founder Dr Richard Bartlett; one of the emerging consciousness technologies which acts at the quantum informational level. She is among the first in the UK to receive a license from Grigori Grabovoi - Russian scientist and clairvoyant - to teach his life’s work, Creator Knowledge. She is also a Scalarwave Laser Therapist: these are unique, patented, FDA-approved hand-held devices that combine red, infrared and violet photon light (AKA “cold laser") together with scalar energy fields, in a range of programmes which offer many therapeutic benefits including healing & pain relief for long-standing injuries as well as acute states, help with sleep problems, deep relaxation, and clearing unhelpful ‘entrained’ patterns trapped at the cellular level. Ros says, "Quantum Field and Consciousness Technologies can be thought of as where spirituality meets science. Modern physics shows that all matter is actually made up of nothing more than energy, or light, combined with information. By working at the level of the information - on the blueprint, as it were - we can make changes in every aspect of our lives, be that in our health, work, living circumstances, finances, relationships... there are no limits! Come and play in the field of infinite possibilities!” Ros is a Founding Member of the BrightSky network.

Ros works from her therapy room at home near Guildford, Surrey as well as internationally by Skype, and is available for one-to-one sessions in Matrix Energetics, Scalarwave Laser Therapy and Grabovoi Birth Number Readings, in the Therapy Area during the festival.

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