Russian Creator Knowledge - Ros Paxman



A presentation and interactive workshop exploring Consciousness Technologies and in particular the work of Russian scientist and total clairvoyant Grigori Grabovoi. 

Grabovoi's conscious reach extends throughout the universe: he has used his mind to correctly diagnose faults in aircraft over a 14 year period with 100% accuracy
and even located the cause of a docking problem between the US shuttle Atlantis and the Russian MIR Space Station, simply with his mind.

Grabovoi’s techniques include body regeneration using consciousness, reversing so-called 'terminal' diseases and re-growing organs and teeth.
All his work is motivated by the 'Rescue and Harmonious Development of the World and All Humanity' and is collectively known as 'Creator Knowledge'.
Come and learn some simple transformative techniques for:

  • clearing yourself of negative energies, forces and entities;
  • changing the impact of past events;
  • how to prevent other people’s stuff from derailing you;

We will also explore the unique vibrational and informational code inherent in numbers, and examine our unique birth numbers and the challenges that our 'missing' numbers pose for us (not the same as numerology).

Ros is also in the Therapy area during the festival offering one-to-one sessions in Matrix Energetics, Scalarwave Laser Therapy and Grabovoi Birth Number Readings.

About Ros 

Ros is a Quantumfield and Consciousness Technology Practitioner - the new and expanding field that brings together spirituality and science.
She is among the first in the UK to receive a license from Grigori Grabovoi - Russian scientist and clairvoyant - to teach his Creator Knowledge work.
She is a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, trained by founder Dr Richard Bartlett; one of the new, emerging consciousness technologies which acts
at the quantum informational level. She is also a Scalarwave Laser Therapist: these are unique, patented, FDA-approved hand-held devices that combine red,
infrared and violet photon light ("cold laser") together with scalar energy fields, in a range of programmes which offer many therapeutic benefits including healing
& pain relief (for old and long-standing injuries as well as acute states), sleep problems & deep relaxation.
Ros says, "Quantumfield and Consciousness Technologies can be thought of as where spirituality meets science. Modern physics shows that all matter is actually made up
of nothing more than energy, or light, combined with information. By working at the level of the information - on the blueprint, as it were - we can make changes in every aspect
of our lives, be that in our health, work, living circumstances, finances, relationships... there are no limits! Come and play in the field of infinite possibilities!"

Ros works from her therapy room at home in Bramley near Guildford, Surrey and is available for one-to-one sessions in the Therapy area during the festival.