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The Living Workshops - Movement, Chanting, Meditation, Reflection - Mahesh Hayward

Mahesh will be offering 3 workshops as detailed below -

Our program is now open for applications.

  • - Being present with others, learning to hear
  • - Moving in the present moment
  • - Breathing your unique breath

Living in the heart

  • - Feeling love for yourself
  • - Become the recipient of love
  • - Moving with grace
  • - Loving the person and not the actions

Living in the truth of self

  • - Connect with your True Nature
  • - Leave behind the things that don’t serve you
  • - Moving as Self
  • - Living without fear of losing who you really are

About Mahesh

Mahesh Hayward has been a meditation practitioner for over 20 years and has practised yoga for the past 5 years. Mahesh likes to think of Yoga as a moving meditation and loves to explore how deep relaxation can benefit your body & soul. After working as a barber for many years Mahesh noticed that men need space to grow. And so, All Us Men or AUM was born, bringing men from all backgrounds and ages to help them to turn the attention inward and find fulfilment. Deep relaxation, breathing techniques, meditation and yoga is all part of this wellbeing experience.... learning to love and honour the self, and a mindfulness approach to life.

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Our Mission

Sun and Moon Health Education CIC is a not-for-profits organisation, promoting holistic wellbeing, health, and positive values and behaviour. We do not sell alcohol at the festival or gatherings, as we believe that we don't need any artificial stimulants to have a great time. We offer vegan and vegetarian food at all of our events, to promote consideration for the planet and our own health. Our aim is to bring people together in an atmosphere of love and respect, acceptance and friendship. 

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