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Dowsing with the Nature Spirits and Earth Energies - Vicky Sweetlove


The workshop will be working with the energies of the land and the nature spirits to locate traumatised land and earth energies. 
We will be Map dowsing and going out into the landscape to work with the elementals and our findings from dowsing and what we can do to help
balance the energies with permission from the "spirit of the land" and the elementals for any traumastised areas that are located. 
You will know how to dowse for various earth energies, vortexes, geopathic stress, ley lines, spirals, male and female energies and the elementals themselves.   
Please bring a pendulum and dowsing rods and paper a ruler and pencils.  I will have some pendulums and dowsing rods with me.
About Vicky

Vicky Sweetlove is a feng shui consultant , geomancer and akashic records consultant, working with the energy of  homes and offices,
using dowsing, intuition and the akashic records of place.  

She has appeared on Sky One, BBC2 and the Living Channel,  More 4 and Radio 4 as a dowser, space clearer and feng shui specialist.   

She specialises in space clearing and earth alchemy, working with the "spirit of the land of homes and businesses".

She discovered feng shui whilst working at a London university in the late 1990s and has been teaching
courses, space clearing and earth alchemy, akashic records, feng shui and dowsing for nearly 25 years.



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