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Meditation and Dragons - Ken Collinson

Connecting to the Love Within and Without

​Meditation coach Ken Collinson will guide you, using two unique meditation's that will connect to the love within your heart with a beautiful Bhuddists meta meditation which will open up your heart to the frequencies of love and cleansing away any hurt that resides within, this will be followed after a short discussion and break with the wonderful Yogic style meditation that will connect your heart energies to the love of heaven and earth while providing the opportunity to share that love to people or to Gaia in a transformational act of giving.

Dragons: Can we see them and where can we find them?

​Master wizard Ken Collinson will share with you the Cosmology of the ancients and the role that Dragons have had throughout the history of the Universe, with a unique talk and sharing of Dragons. There will be a Q&A session at the end of the projector and photographic slideshow, with real images and photos of Dragons captured by NASA and the ESA, whilst discussing the role of Dragons in all the major religions since ancient Egypt.

Meeting the Dragons

​If you have never met a Dragon and felt the love of the One great spirit resonating within, then this is the time for you. Ken will introduce you to the Dragons that he has called to visit us at the Sun and Moon festival - you will be able to bathe in their healing and transformational energies. You will be able to take away with you the knowledge and vibrational connection to the Dragons and call upon them for help and healing at anytime in the future.