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Map Dowsing - Geoff Mitchell

If you are taking notice of the rise in Dowsing, you will be familiar with finding on the "site" over the target, or maybe finding the target from a distance and homing in on it.

Well, map dowsing is similar, but from anywhere you care to be. Working from a map, or even a quick sketch will give you similar information.

This is considered advanced... but maybe it's the whole idea - that you can do any of this - that is the advanced bit?

You might be dowsing for treasure or gold, but more likely, you are dowsing to find a lost object or to find a good location to drill for water or oil. Archaeological dowsers dowse for things like a burial location or the foundations of a ruined building. You can dowse the floor plan of a house looking for a lost object or noxious environmental energies. It can even be considered map dowsing if you dowse over a sketch of the human body to determine the location of the cause of a symptom.

At the festival we will be taking on various 'finding' exercises.

As with all learning, it takes time. Yet one thing is for sure; practise makes perfect.

You have to start somewhere so come along and have a play; it's great fun and anyone can do it!

Geoff is Chair at Waverley Dowsers (Surrey).