Mining your Akash - Maria Barrington

This workshop will take you on a guided visualisation to connect with your Akashic Records.
The Akashic Records are said to contain information on all of our incarnations, whether on this world or others. Until recently it was believed that only information could be retrieved
from those records, but that has now changed. As Mother Earth’s ascension progresses and our vibration becomes elevated, it has been agreed that we can now connect with our
Akashic information to gather and bring forward skills or knowledge that we developed in a past incarnation to serve and support us in this life. Perhaps in one of your lives you were a
shaman, a gifted artist, a musician, a poet …….the possibilities are endless.

This workshop will help you to realise your energetic complexity and potential.

Bring with you an eye mask or some equivalent light material with which to cover your eyes.

Bring paper and pen to record what you saw, felt, heard and understood. The act of writing or drawing enables access to additional insight that otherwise can be lost from the
conscious mind.

Maria’s personal information

Following a childhood out of body experience where I delighted to be ‘home’ and 
surrounded with unconditional love, then devastated to be told I could not stay I developed
into a sullen and angry teenager – I felt abandoned and rejected and after many unsuccessful attempts to reconnect to that blissful state, I felt a failure. It was many years
before I was able to reconnect and to understand that it was my choice (admittedly with some spiritual counselling) to continue with the physical journey.
This realisation brought 
with it a degree of peace.

I arrived at the realisation indirectly through EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in which I am qualified. Feeling that the use of language and metaphor would enhance my EFT skills I
trained as a hypnotherapist. The past life regression element brought me full circle back to the connection with Soul but recognising the deficiencies in the minimal training provided I
then went on to study further with eminent past life regression practitioners. I only recently discovered the work of Dolores Cannon, unfortunately after she had made her transition
into spirit, but was thankfully still able to study the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) with her daughter. QHHT focuses on connecting to innate higher wisdom.

The latest evolution involves combining EFT and past life regression in a process developed 
by Australian therapist Jenny Johnston called Quantum EFT for the Soul. Like all energy
medicine it is simple and profound.