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Essential Oils To Help Balance The Chakra System - Maria Barrington

Chakras and essential oils are part of a complex universal energy system.

Chakras, the spinning energy centres that exist inside and outside of our physical body, transfer light energy from the ley lines circulating through Mother Earth. This energy feeds
the physical body and consciousness, enabling maintenance of form, life-force and wellbeing; without this complex energy system we would not exist.

Of course, nothing is perfect and occasionally energies become imbalanced and we are affected physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Essential oils, being the volatile essence of aromatic plants, are part of this universal energy system, helping to restore physical, emotional and spiritual balance.
In this workshop each of us will create a magical mixture, beautifully attuned to our own energetic needs.

Important: To ensure a positive experience without being overwhelmed by aromas, and to keep the cost of materials at a manageable level for me, the
numbers attending this workshop are limited to 10 people.

About Maria

I discovered essential oils in the 1980s when I gained my first diploma with Shirley Price. I continued my study with Shirley and various other eminent teachers for many years and
became principal of an accredited school teaching all aspects of aromatherapy. I have now retired from that type of teaching, leaving me free to follow my bliss.

During my spiritual explorations I have explored many aspects of vibrational and transformational healing and incorporate aspects of that into my intuitive therapeutic practices.

It will be my joy to spend time with you during this workshop.



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