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Life Coaching: How to Thrive In An Uncertain World - Alexia Severis

"In a world that tries to force us to conform, it is a necessary act of rebellion, courage and bravery to find and then be one’s true self within it" A. Severis. We live in uncertain times. Security needs to be found within.

Knowing how to first counteract then prevent the overwhelm, anxiety or feelings of depression that can come from living at the dizzying pace of demanding modern life will keep you balanced even when under pressure.

Pressures comes from so many places: work, money, partnership, children, wider family, social life and health as well as national and global concerns such as politics and the environment, etc.

It's enough to make anyone feel vulnerable and helpless at times. Finding strength and harmony with in yourself is key to being able to cope then thrive with what ever life brings you.

Lexi is an experienced Life Coach and psychotherapist with well over two decades of experience. She has worked internationally with people of all ages, backgrounds and positions to bring about well being.

During these three workshops she will take you on an experiential journey:

  • Find out if you are asking the right questions for you and your life.
  • Learn how to be your truest and best self.
  • Manifest who and what you want to be.

You can come to all three 1.5 hour workshops or attend any as a one-off.

Please come with a notepad and pen.

I look forward to seeing you and working with you.

About Alexia:

Alexia Severis BA hons (Psychology) BA (Counselling) MA hons MBACP

Alexia has been a Counsellor and Psychotherapist for 23 years. Having delivered well over 15,000 therapeutic hours of one to one and group therapy as well as delivering 1700 hours of Clinical Supervision. She is an eclectic counsellor and psychotherapist predominantly trained in Humanistic modalities such as Person Centred, Solution Focused, Transactional Analysis & others. She also has a certificate in Psychoanalytic Group Therapy from Oxford University. She has worked as a Critical Incident Debriefer working with those affected by trauma.

However most of her career has be dedicated to working with children, young people and families of all shapes and sizes. With a particular interest in working with mother & baby bonding, teenagers and family dynamics.

Alexia has worked as a counsellor & psychotherapist and clinical supervisor in business organisations (EAP’s& private schools), Government Organisations (Oxfordshire County Council and Cornwall Council in schools, youth centres, family centers) and non profit organisations (Carers Association.)

She currently has a private practice delivering counselling & psychotherapy one to one work, family work and group work as well as offering clinical supervision to other therapists. She is a trainer and workshop leader. She also works as a clinical supervisor for a youth counselling agency.

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