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The Real Me - Jon Athawes

With a helpful framework, supportive environment and tangible output, this 2-part workshop (run on consecutive days) provides a rare and precious opportunity to take stock of your life.

What really makes me 'me'? How would I like my future to be? And how will I make that happen? ‘About you, by you and for you’ – no teaching or preaching, and no forced sharing!

What others have said about The Real Me:

“The pace and delivery is gentle and personal, with well-timed personal thinking space and a sensitive attitude to sharing amongst the group. Jon is a genuinely interested and interesting person who is a superb enabler.” Clare W

“A welcome opportunity to clarify thoughts and understand myself from different perspectives. Sensitively led, without any pressure to perform, we were thoughtfully taken through the process and then encouraged to draw our own conclusions and understandings.“ Clive M

“Under Jon’s patient, kind and good-humoured guidance, I was able to achieve a greater sense of who I am. I was astounded by the accuracy of my character strengths that the workshop revealed. I wish I had known about these years ago when looking for a career.” Julie R

“I am learning to honour and nurture myself, set goals and follow my heart because of it. Loved loved loved it – one of my faves of the week.” Angie B

“A very popular workshop and I can see why! It was fun, interactive, choc full of content and so inspiring! It has helped me see myself in a different light, to recognise my core strengths and values and to focus on what I'd like to achieve and create.” Sue W

“Bloody awesome!” Odette L

And a year on: “I went home feeling inspired and with a clear idea that I must put into place a new direction in my life. I am now the proud foster mother of two and it really is the best move I have made. Attending Jon’s course gave me the answers that I needed to see the real me and the confidence to believe in what was in me. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.” Emma A

About Jon

Married, and with two grown-up children, Jon worked for big organisations for 25 years, but now leads a simpler, more content life. He's enjoyed all the previous Sun & Moon Festivals and this time will be offering two different workshops - You Having A Laugh (improv comedy) and The Real Me - and probably shouting a lot at the opening and closing circles once again!