A course in miracles - Douglas Crawford

A Course in Miracles is a mind training system that leads to lasting inner peace using the principles of true forgiveness. Please note that what it calls true forgiveness is very different from the forgiveness we have learned in the world. My greatest passion is to really wake up this lifetime and support others in doing the same. You are welcome to join me on this challenging and exciting journey.
I will be offering A Course in Miracles workshops on day 2 and 4, entitled 'Introduction to A Course in Miracles' and 'A Course in Miracle - True Forgiveness'
About Douglas:
In 1992 I completed the 3 year training in ‘Source Breathwork’ which was developed by Binnie A. Dansby, and I have been working consistently with breathwork since then. I am now what is considered a Master Breathworker (Rebirther). I am also trained in 'Emotional Freedom Technique' (EFT).
Ever since I started my inner journey in 1989, I have been working with 'A Course in Miracles'. Even though for some years this was to support the Breathwork ( Rebirthing ), now it has become the main focus of my work. It took some time for me to see the real value of the 'Course', but now it is the thing that makes the most sense and so I now use it as the envelope for all my work.
Website for Douglas: www.masteringlife.dk