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Simplify Your Life - Linzi Martin

Simplify your life - find happiness, make Pom Poms while we discuss 1. how we use our 24hrs and 2. mindful awareness of our stuff.
We’re all so busy, life seems too full and complex with stress accepted as normal. Maybe you’ve done colouring-in pages to unwind. So let’s have some creative fun making  pom poms while Linzi facilitates discussions on 1. how we spend our precious 24 hours, 2. what’s behind having too much stuff and 3. how being mindful in simplifying your life leads to happiness.
Carl Jung believed creativity helps us access our subconscious, relaxes us, activates the solutions part of the mind & balances left/right brain activity.
Linzi’s Pause Moment’s incorporates Mindfulness practice that enhances self awareness  and helps reduce negative feelings of fears, overwhelm.
Linzi’s Simplifying Life relates to both our external living environment - stuff, organizing, declutter etc and the space of our inner self, ’the great creator’. 
Note: this workshop is adult play and is not suitable for kids. 
About Linzi
Linzi has 25 years living and working towards a healthful and eco-sustainable way of living. Conscious self development and various personal life challenges led her to develop The Pause Moment. Linzi is passionate about helping you make your life easier with practical ways of simplifying life. She works internationally as a Personal Assistant Concierge.
"In 1990s I published one of the first regional southeast's magazine covering natural health and environmental issues. My personal health success was a full holistic recovery from breast cancer, one of the most positive and empowering times of my life and positively managing chronic fatigue."
Linzi is a multi-potentialite. She's been featured in The Guardian newspaper, That's Life, Magical Times magazines, ITV/Meridian television, radio stations BBC, XFM London and Napa, California.

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