Inka Nature Teachings and Working with the Net of Light - Angelita Woosnam

We are all connected – and the Net of Light (aka the Cosmic Web) is what connects us.  
In these workshops you will make your own connection to the Divine that you can then work with as you wish.  

The message from the Great Council of Grandmothers is to return to balance between Yin and Yang respecting the underlying unity of all life.  
Sessions will include meditations with the intention of achieving the following:
* Connect the earth with the purity of the Net of Light to heal old wounds
* Connect with your ancestors to mend relationships, heal past hurts and wounds in your family
* Connect with the ancestors of the light within the specific locations where we will gather
* Harmonise relationships to mend the wounds of individuals, cultures, races, and nations.

​Inka Nature Teachings​
​This unique and highly practical workshop is for anyone who wishes to learn about and experience directly some of the core
Inka Nature Wisdom Teachings – a gift to the world from the Andean Highlands of Peru.

In this workshop you will learn:

* The Inka teachings of our cosmological birth, our birth star and why we each have two sets of parents
* Inka concepts of energy and how to move it through your body to help keep you well
* How to absorb “light” energy from the Upper World and how to digest and release “heavy” energy from the world around you, to help transform your relationships with others ​

About Angelita

Angelita is an experienced holistic therapist and energy worker, workshop leader and organiser of Well-Being Days in the North West of England.
Using both physical and energy modalities she works gently and intuitively with clients enabling them to feel better about themselves whether it is a
physical, mental or emotional issue that brings them together. She works face to face or via Skype and telephone for energy work,
conducting sessions with clients seeking change, self-development and healing.