Transformation with the Soul Whisperer - Tony Mills of 'Energetic Wisdom'

Tony Mills has been attending Sun & Moon since its 1st festival and his workshops are always popular.
Tony has helped hundreds of people with a vast range of issues, from emotional to physical.

People have met with Tony to assist with their feeling of being ‘stuck’ in life and feeling that they are not ‘moving forward’, to the life threatening challenges of
debilitating illnesses.

With his thirst for knowledge of holistic well-being, and his passion for understanding how to help people regain health and happiness, Tony has dedicated more than 30
years of his life to the path of being an excellent therapist.

Soul Whisperer, Tony Mills is a Qualified:
 Osteopath.
 Reiki Master.
 Kinesiologist.
 Channel of Higher Energies.
 Natural Shaman.
 Qualified Dowsing professional.
 Member of the British Society of Dowsers.
 And has many years of experience with a diverse spectrum of clients.

What Can Tony Help With?
 Clearing energy blockages in the bodies systems.
 Balancing meridians & chakras.
 Balancing other energy systems of the body and layers of the aura.
 Harmonising imbalances or negative karma, carried over from past lives.
 Safely remove discordant energies or energy attachments.
Tony has various articles on the above here

Internationally renowned, Hampshire based holistic well-being therapist, Tony Mills, created Energetic Wisdom, which is a holistic system for balancing, healing and
harmonising all aspects of a person – body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Tony can help with most issues, from emotional to physical and even imprints from past lives as well as inherited diseases.
Experiencing Energetic Wisdom for yourself is a unique experience which you will find both fascinating and positively life-changing.

Using unique Energetic Wisdom healing techniques, a return to balance is often quickly achieved, without the need for psychoanalysing, making it one of the quickest
and easiest forms of therapy around today.


Tony will be running five workshops during the week. There will be no set topic, instead, following on from last year, Tony would like you to decide. He will answer
your questions and offer solutions and healing and will be guided on what works best for the Group.

Tony will also share his many years of wisdom and knowledge around energy healing.
His workshops are always very enlightening and enjoyable, and even if you do not directly receive his personal healing, due to the way energy healing works, you will
receive it indirectly. A lady was healed of debilitating migraines once in this way!