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Matrix Energetics

Quantum physics has shown that we live in a kind of holographic universe - everything in it is made of Energy and Information.
By interacting with these patterns at the quantum level (through a process known as Quantum Entanglement) profound transformations can be made.
Matrix Energetics can be applied to any aspect of your life - physical & mental health, relationships, work, family, home & life-style, money, pets… even to inanimate objects!
The possibilities for change are, quite literally, infinite - as infinite as the Zero Point field.

Sessions are fully clothed, easy-going, fun and relaxing. On the other hand, anything might happen. 
Come and play in the field of infinite possibility!
(Ros is also running workshops on the Quantum Nature of Consciousness).


Scalarwave Laser Therapy

Healing photon light (red, infrared and violet) and scalar energy. Patented Q-wave ‘cold’ laser treatment for: pain relief, soft and hard tissue injuries (including old or deep-seated injuries),
stress/tension release, sleep problems, chakra/subtle field clearing, cell rejuvenation, mood balancing, deep relaxation (Stillpoint), and more.
Scalarwave lasers literally make your cells younger! Come and find out how.

Scalarwave laser devices are certified by the FDA (USA), Health Canada, CE (European Conformity) and other global regulatory bodies.


Grabovoi Birth Number Readings

Part of the life work of Russian scientist and total clairvoyant Grigori Grabovoi, come and find out about the specific vibrations and information
contained in your unique birthdate. Distinctly different to Numerology, Grabovoi works with complex number sequences for healing disease states and changing situations.
According to Grabovoi, numbers - regardless of the language in which they are written or spoken - each contain unique vibrational and informational code.
When they are formed into sequences the numbers influence each other leading to particular states and behaviours. By analysing birth dates, and particularly
addressing the numbers that are absent or repeated, we can learn a lot about a person and the challenges they can expect in their life.
This is especially helpful to do for children, so that their parents and carers can identify specific challenges and give them extra support in these to help overcome potential problems.

(Ros is also running workshops on Grabovoi’s work, including an introduction to his number sequences).

About Ros

Ros is a Quantumfield and Consciousness Technology Practitioner - the new and expanding field that brings together spirituality and science. She is among the first in the UK to receive a license from Grigori Grabovoi - Russian scientist and clairvoyant - to teach his Creator Knowledge work. She is a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, trained by founder Dr Richard Bartlett; one of the emerging consciousness technologies which acts at the quantum informational level. She is also a Scalarwave Laser Therapist: these are unique, patented, FDA-approved hand-held devices that combine red, infrared and violet photon light ("cold laser") together with scalar energy fields, in a range of programmes which offer many therapeutic benefits including healing & pain relief (for old and long-standing injuries as well as acute states), sleep problems & deep relaxation. Ros says, "Quantumfield and Consciousness Technologies can be thought of as where spirituality meets science. Modern physics shows that all matter is actually made up of nothing more than energy, or light, combined with information. By working at the level of the information - on the blueprint, as it were - we can make changes in every aspect of our lives, be that in our health, work, living circumstances, finances, relationships... there are no limits! Come and play in the field of infinite possibilities!"

Ros works from her therapy room at home in Bramley near Guildford, Surrey. She is contactable via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.