Creating inner harmony with transformation self talk - Erika Scarth

In this safe and confidential space, we ask powerful questions to explore where you are and what you want for yourself.  
Through transformational inner dialogue we’ll meet and give a voice to the parts of you that yearn to be seen and heard,
that want to share their excitement and their fears about your journey.  
We’ll bring light to what you want and need in order to feel secure and confident to act, ensuring your decisions are authentic, congruent and aligned with your values.
With more self-awareness, you’ll enjoy more clarity, purpose, self-acceptance and freedom.
About Erika:
After studying philosophy and psychology and training as a transformational life coach, Erika began working 1:1
with individuals from all backgrounds, from entrepreneurs to ex-offenders.  Immersed in alternative therapies from childhood, Erika continued her personal
development in both psychological and spiritual practices, training in Reiki, Mindfulness, The Journey by Brandon Bays, and Shadow work.
Through this work, Living Inspired Coaching was born, focusing on helping people live a life that inspires them with deep self-acceptance, meaning and purpose. 
Combining coaching techniques with those from traditional counselling approaches and complementary therapies, Erika and her clients create a unique and personal
journey grounded in heart-led pragmatism.