One to One Healing - Maria Barrington

Past Life Regression Therapy - Special Festival Fee of £45 per session, duration guided by Soul and Inner wisdom,
usually about 90 minutes but we'll continue until we're finished.
The important word here is 'therapy'. Did you transit a previous physical incarnation with unresolved thoughts, feelings and emotions?
Is it possible they are affecting your current incarnation? Let's find out together, trusting your Soul and inner wisdom to select from your many past lives the incarnation that needs healing,
which will be achieved by calling upon a variety of support ranging from angels and guides, power animals, psycho-drama and hypnosis. The session will be recorded if you wish.
Shamanic Reiki - Special Festival Fee of £30 per session, duration guided by Soul and Inner wisdom but generally between 60 & 90 minutes
Combining the healing frequencies of various forms of Reiki, a Reiki attuned drum and ceremony creates a profound experience. 
I look forward to sharing with you.
Energy Healing - Special Festival Fee of £30 per session, duration of session guided by Soul & Inner wisdom but generally between 60 & 90 Minutes
In this session I manually muscle test to access your Soul and Inner Wisdom to identify what energetic imbalances need to be corrected
and which of the energy medicine tools in my toolbox will most effectively return you to balance.  The re-balancing protocols include creating sacred space, connecting with the power of intention, correcting energetic boundaries, resolving trauma and recovery of lost or stolen soul parts.
The tools used to create the healing process include EFT, TAT, NAEM, Chakra balancing, sound healing, etc.
About Maria
Following an out-of-body experience as a young child where I went to the Light and discovered what unconditional Love feels like,  I began a journey exploring the question of who or what we truly are.  Since 1980 I have committed to in-depth study of a variety of healing and meditative practices and various complementary and alternative therapies, with a particular focus on energy medicine.   In the late 1990s I deepened my theoretical knowledge when I graduated with a Master of Science degree in Holistic Approaches to Healing.  
In my part time private practice I offer EFT and Identity Healing, Emotion Code,  various forms of Reiki including Reiki Drum, Quantum biofeedback, Mindfulness, reflexology, hypnotherapy, kinesiology, and Past Life Regression Therapy.  I’ve trained with three different past life regression teachers – including Andy Tomlinson (Exploring the Eternal Soul; Healing the Eternal Soul) and the Dolores Cannon style of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques.  Often aspects of various of the above approaches will be integrated to meet the complex needs of an individual.

For further information please text 07901 838603.