Lifecoaching/Counselling /Readings & Storycoaching with Maureen Levy

Maureen Levy is a Life coach Art Therapist, Teacher and Facilitator with many years experience in the areas of mental health, adult education and the Arts.
Lifecoaching/Counselling /Readings & Storycoaching
No two people's experiences are exactly the same.
Maybe you've  tried talking to friends or family about what's going on  for you, and you feel they don't get it -  maybe don't feel like you can talk to anyone.
Yes, your friends are great. Your parents /partners give good advice, but they all have biased opinions about your life. 
A therapist is objective. They don't know you as closely as your friends and family do. Sure, you might divulge some of your biggest secrets, but they're not directly involved in your life. They're able to offer you a space to reflect and consider your perspective and  from an unbiased place.
Using a combination of methods taken from  Lifecoaching, Counselling & Psychotherapy and Picture Card Readings we work together for an hour 
Maybe you need someone unbiased to talk to or perhaps you just need a sounding board 
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Completely Confidential.
Special festival price £50.00 per hour. 
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