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KiGong and the Power Brain - Sam Lee

KiGong is an ancient form of healing art. The main focus of KiGong is to combine the mind with the
breath and the movements of the body to help achieve a healthy flow of energy through the meridian
energy channels in the body. This gentle exercise can be performed either standing or sitting. The focus
on the breath enables the body to restore a natural function of the respiratory system, while enabling the
practitioner to become more flexible in the upper body and stronger and more grounded in the lower body.
Brain Exercises are a key part of the class, using all sorts of fun ways to strengthen and relax the brain as well as the body.

Sam says ~

"Classes are for everyone, no matter ability or age. I teach a mixture of KiGong and Brain Exercises,

focusing on moving the energy in the body and therefore healing from within. Classes consist of light or
deep stretching, gentle movement, tapping, breathing and simple meditations, including movement
meditations, with an emphasis on fun and relaxation.

Please join me for an hour of gentle movement and relaxation to help your body and your brain.
Please bring a yoga mat to sit on in class.

About Sam ~

I am Sam and have been teaching adults for 3 years (mainly seniors) and children prior to that. I am
based in Epsom and have been practising for 10 years (more or less). Coming from a background of
Iyenga Yoga which I still love to practice, I am now ready to branch out with my own unique exercise class.

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