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What Does Meditation Feel Like? - Caroline Elen

Caroline says:

I have noticed: much of what is taught during meditation techniques stop before the real body of experience is happening.
This is the aspect of presence, the self regulation and emotional calming that is necessary to allow us to feel and be able to stay in our hearts.
So it's about kindness, empathy and compassion to ourselves first before we take the peace and clarity that we generate out into the world....

About Caroline

Before having a family I was a Buddhist nun in the Tibetan Traditions. I completed a 3 year solitary retreat in a cave receiving downloads from Goddess Green Tara.

I will give you some insight into the purpose of generation practices and how we can balance our inner feminine and masculine selves into wholeness aligned with our powerful I Am Presence.
Throughout my 30 years of Spiritual work I have condensed the benefits of my concentration to fit into family and worldly life.
I will show you the importance of developing your inner connection to a heartfelt life using a quick technique that has an amazing deeply transformational effect over time.



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