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The School of Now - Jonny Whiting

The School of Now is a workshop designed to help you access being here right now, in the moment, and being able to give an organic performance without years of training.

Apart from being hugely beneficial to actors, it is also of great benefit to any person from any walk of life, helping to build confidence, charisma, and presence.
If you do anything in front of other people, this will help you gain a free flowing confidence in your work.

It is hard to put into words what showing up to class will do for you. Every performance is obviously a unique piece of theatre that will never happen again,
so witnessing, and being a part of these performances will almost definitely help you to enhance and build your characters with more depth and fluidity.

Being on this journey and playing out these different scenarios helps us to experience elements of life that we might not usually go through,
so in role playing we gain wisdom in how to be in any moment. We also experience a cathartic release of sorts.

About Jonny

Jonny has been a long time enthusiast of improvisation, both as a tool to improve one's immersive experience as an actor,
and as a cathartic healing process in everyday life. He feels that his workshops are a cross between improvisation and family constellations.
Being in the now with others is something that can enhance your confidence, and bring you a new level of awareness. 

Jonny trained as a method actor with the late David Bennet, of The Actors Studio NYC, and also spent 5 years taking an improvisation class with the late George Pensotti.
This was where Jonny really found a level of truth in his performances. 


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