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Dynamic Meditation & Kundalini Meditation - Mark & Monica

Dynamic Meditation

​​Osho Dynamic Meditation is one of the most playful methods of meditation to get into a state that is thoughtless yet blissful, alone yet connected to everything around you. It is an hour-long process with 5 stages involving intense breathing, catharsis, mantra chanting, silence and finally celebrating. The process first awakens your inner energies through breathing and then takes you into a process of deep mind-heart cleansing through catharsis. This makes you like an empty vessel, capable of reverberating the mantra inside so intensely that your kundalini energy (the sleeping energy) awakens and rises to higher neural centres. This brings silence and bliss together and a feeling of connected-ness with everything around.

This meditation is meant to be done in the early morning, when the whole of nature becomes alive, the night has gone, the sun is coming up and everything becomes conscious and alert.

Of the five stages each is marked by music which has been specifically composed for this meditation. Keep your eyes closed throughout. It can be done alone but can be even more powerful if it is done with others. However, it is an individual experience so you should remain oblivious of others around you.

Kundalini Meditation

This “sister meditation” to the OSHO Dynamic is best done at sunset or in the late afternoon. Being fully immersed in the shaking and dancing of the first two stages helps to “melt” the rock-like being, wherever the energy flow has been repressed and blocked. Then that energy can flow, dance and be transformed into bliss and joy. The last two stages enable all this energy to flow vertically, to move upwards into silence. It is a highly effective way of unwinding and letting go at the end of the day.

The meditation is one hour long, with four stages:

First Stage: 15 minutes

Be loose and let your whole-body shake, feeling the energies moving up from your feet. Let go everywhere and become the shaking. Your eyes may be open or closed.

Second Stage: 15 minutes

Dance ... any way you feel, and let the whole body move as it wishes. Again, your eyes can be open or closed.

Third Stage: 15 minutes

Close your eyes and be still, sitting or standing, observing, witnessing, whatever is happening inside and out.

Fourth Stage: 15 minutes

Keeping your eyes closed, lie down and be still.

About MarkA

Mark is a certified HeartMath coach. HeartMath is a scientifically validated system of techniques and technologies that helps transform anxiety, helping somebody to strengthen resilience and achieve maximum performance. Osho meditations complement this approach in a more playful way, bringing about peace and harmony to the spirit.

About MonicaA

Love to travel and meet people from all walks of life. Having spent time in India at Osho’s, I found a way to meditate that suited me. Meditating to sounds, usually with movement, which enabled the ‘switching off’, the letting go and then succumbing to the stillness that followed.

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