Guided Meditation - Ali McNab

During this guided meditation, we work with transmuting the frequency of external toxic energies with pure White Light Heart Torus energy - Embracing all with Love. 

This includes the transmutation of 5G to 5D.
We become the transformers.
If this resonates with you, please join us.

About Ali

Ali is an experienced Energy Healer and Visionary Artist, working in collaboration with Higher Energies and for the Greatest Good.

She is the inspiration and organiser of  Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in Sussex - promoting Health and Wellbeing for people and planet 
(three festivals a year at Lewes Town Hall, in March June and November); Metta Community (Sacred Circles & Retreats), Metta Fellowship (free deep healing for those most in need), 
Metta on-line Direcotry (promoting all those involved in wellbeing).