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Shamanic Drumming Circle - Jonathan Weekes

Shamanic Drumming Circle –

Join us as we bathe in the sacred rhythms of the drum, and journey into the landscape of our ancestors, to connect with that timeless wisdom that still rolls over these hills and whispers through the forests. This is an open circle for all those who want to experience the power and healing of the shamanic drum as a tool for connecting more deeply with ourselves, with each other and with the spirits of the land. Bring your drum or use one of ours.

Sacred Men’s Work –

There has been a growing awareness among men of a need to transcend stereotypes and norms that are damaging to us in modern society and look to reach a new level of harmony and balance within ourselves. In this session, we will work in a circle with drumming, meditation and open sharing. We'll talk about sacred men’s work and its role and value in all of our lives. Men only workshop. Bring your drum or use one of ours.

About Jonathan

Jonathan Weekes is a drum maker and group facilitator, holding earth based spiritual workshops, development courses and retreats around the UK. Jonathan has also been part of and facilitating men’s circles and retreats for many years and co-founded the Green Man Circle, a movement for men’s sacred spaces around the country.