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Pathways to the Voice - Lucy Wylde

Pathways to the voice aims to assist in a change towards a better understanding and connection to your voice. Lucy believes that everyone is born with a voice... and the power of the voice, when accessed, can create pathways of transformation on mental, physical and emotional levels.

Our inner worlds have become so detached from all that was once such an integral part of human existence. The natural flow of creation, a oneness with ourselves and the world in which we live, an ease towards communication and understanding... and a life built through community and friendships.

Lucy's vision is to help you create new pathways through the voice where you are able to meet with your true self to open and expand to your greatest potential. Lucy adds - "When we open ourselves up for change, we are creating an awareness and acknowledging where we are right now in order to move forward in our lives with more balance and ease".

About Lucy

Lucy is a singer/songwriter based in Brighton. Her voice has been described as celestial, unique and unforgettable. She have a passion to bring people together through music, to open their hearts and unite souls through the power of her voice and message through her songs.