The Power Of The Drum & Healing: A Shamanic Experience - Lynn Gosney & members of Touch The Earth band

The drum awakens something deep within our very core. This simple, yet so powerful medicine tool of old can open us up to amazing depths of self-empowerment and healing.


We will journey on the drum into the shaman’s cosmos where we will meet our power allies that can help guide us.

We will look at some other techniques and may embark upon a spirit boat journey.

Sorry no children under 16.


About Lynn

Lynn has been on the Shamanic path for many years and freely shares her knowledge having run her own centre for over 20 years.
She is well known and respected for both honourable and conscientious and works with people in a nurturing, loving way.
She regularly facilitates popular shamanic workshops throughout the UK, in Europe and the United States. Her joy is seeing others finding their own power.